There are certain things we believe in that make us who we are. Here are three of them.

Be Honest

We understand what makes happy relationships. Honesty and mutual respect. We try our best to bring that into EcoVPS by being transparent about as much as possible. From the good stuff, like exactly what type of hardware we use to host your website, to the bad stuff, like why your VPS may be down for 1 hour due to hardware failure. Without honesty, there's only bad energy. And nobody likes that!

Be Passionate

We're system administrators by trade but technologists at heart. The reason why we go to work in the morning isn't only because it makes us a lot of money, but because we enjoy it. It's thrilling to be able to offer services that better the state of the world wide web. The internet has empowered humanity these last two decades due to the free and open flow of information, although even this is increasingly coming under attack. Architecting complex fault resilient infrastructures, that serves millions of users globally, is an honor for us.

Be generous

Success is good, but after a certain point, its euphoria can plateau. What doesn't plateau so easily, is the joy one receives out of giving back. We actively support clients that give back to the community via Open-Source and Wiki initiatives, NGO's, and other proponents of positive change. If you are a do-gooder and support a positive cause, contact us for generous discounts and sponsorships.